I am by no means a professional photographer, nor do I consider my photographs to be a professional part of my portfolio. All of my photos, in fact, are taken on a simple iPhone camera. This is all to say that I consider the following galleries as more of a hobby and a fun way to categorize my travels. However, I also do still consider the galleries to be an integral part of Lung Country for two reasons. First, they exhibit the dynamic way in which nature collectively breathes: as a disseminated yet largely interwoven system. Really, nature is one giant, spread-out lung whose components all ultimately share the same inhales & exhales. Second, taken in one breath, the galleries jointly give a statement. This is because one of the galleries is not like the other. As you find and explore that gallery, take its images in conjunction with the others, and think about how this affects the way that nature breathes and will breathe in the future.

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